Friday, June 28, 2013

Exercise is Important for the Teenage Brain

It has long been known that exercise and other physical activity has many benefits for both young and old, including positive changes of both mind and body.  But a recent study published in Clinical Psychological Science, researchers looked to see how exercise had an effect of the adolescents’ mental health.

Researchers mainly interviewed teenagers regarding self-esteem, anxiety, relationships with friends and negative behaviors.  In the research the “teenagers who took part in organized sports had a more positive self-image and greater self-esteem than teens who weren't physically active”. 

A question does still remain.  “Does the exercise make teenagers more confident or do more confident teenagers’ partake part in sports?”  This may be an unanswerable question but they did find that those in single person activities, such as, dance class, running, or even Wii sports can make a difference. 

So all the teenagers out there need to get out and start moving.  It is important for their body and mind.

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