Monday, August 12, 2013

The Moment

I want to welcome you to, “the moment.” This moment, right now. Take a second and look at your life right now.  Take in all the sights, all the faces. Form a picture in your mind and remember this exact moment. It might not seem like it -- but this is a pivotal moment.

It’s a pivotal moment for a woman facing breast cancer right here in Santa Barbara County.
The statistics tell us she hasn’t been diagnosed yet. She doesn't know she will need help.
She’s walking around right now thinking of a thousand things: her life, her job, her kids -- none of them having to do with breast cancer.

But between now and the end of the year her life will change.

Between now and New Year’s Eve she'll have her annual mammogram, she’ll feel fine and a few days later she’ll get the news that she is one of the 300 women in Santa Barbara County diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

She may never know how important today was in her life. But this moment, right now, matters because this is the moment you pledged to help her and thousands of other local women just like her. Because of the actions you take today and funds you raise during the next two months, when she picks up the phone -- or sits down at the computer, or walks into one of our community offices, or meets a patient navigator in the hospital -- when she reaches out in any one of these ways and asks for help, the American Cancer Society will be able to answer. You will enable us to be there for her.

Please join our team in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk this October in Goleta.  Walk with us, raise money with us, just be on our team.

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