Friday, March 29, 2013

Fitness Information Overload

As my patients and clients start getting into workout routines there are many common questions that come up.  The most obvious one relates to if a patient should continue through some pain or if they should stop at the first sign of pain when entering a new program.  This is a hard one to answer many times as sometimes we need to define what pain is versus the idea of overcoming obstacles.

The problem in these cases comes down to information overload.  If you look to your peers, health professionals, or the internet for advice you will often find conflicting advice.  “This seems to be true whether you’re looking for nutritional recommendations, training programs, or even deciding what type of exercise equipment is best."1

The best thing you can do is join a team, support group, or group fitness class.  This can minimize the information overload and you all can focus on the easiest pathway towards your goals.  During this journey to “health” you should have a physical with your physician to sort through some of the advice.  Then meet with a physical therapist to get a full body evaluation so that you can understand where you may run into road blocks during your fitness routine.

Keep learning, listening to your body, and make informed decisions!



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