Sunday, November 11, 2012

Physical Exercise Can Make You Smarter

Exercise is good for your body. – We have heard this before.

Exercise releases endorphins and improves your mood. – We have heard this before.

Exercise makes you smarter.  This may be something new to us.  New research from the journal, Genes, Brain, and Behavior shows that regular exercise not only helps with overall health but it can actually be essential in getting smarter and could help with cognitive activities.

In this study the researchers saw that “mice who exercised regularly were not only better able to complete cognitive tasks than those that didn't, but even more than mice that were provided with other cognitive games and toys. They loved the toys, but unless the mice exercised (eg, had access to a running wheel in their habitat), the researchers didn't see the changes in their brain that corresponded with the improved cognitive performance on their tests.”

It is always hard to compare animal studies with real life situations but the research in this article does point to the need for exercise for improvement in cognitive activities.  There obviously needs to be more research on humans to have conclusive evidence on cause and effect but this research reinforces a common thread that we have covered in this blog; we are moving beings and are built to be moving and active.  Physical activity leads to a more healthy life physically, mentally, and cognitively.  Contact your physical therapist at Hayashida and Associates Physical Therapy for information on our fitness programs.




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