Sunday, August 26, 2012

Redcord Treatment at HAPT

Suspension exercise using Redcord equipment is an efficient tool for both functional training and management of orthopedic injuries. Redcord equipment is used to treat or train elite competitive athletes all over the world.

Exercises on Redcord equipment, Neurac Treatment, can help anyone who wishes to enhance strength, balance and function. Neurac, the Norwegian-developed physical therapy sensation, has proven to be an efficient way to prevent injuries and treat musculoskeletal disorders. Neurac Treatment can deliver extraordinary results for elite athletes and patients suffering from chronic and acute pain. Neurac Treatment is excellent for treating:

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
"Tennis elbow"/carpal tunnel syndrome
Knee & ankle pain
And Much more...

Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. was the first physical therapy practice in the United States to offer the Redcord system, and most of our therapists are certified on Redcord equipment.  We want you to move without pain and  get stronger so you can avoid future injuries. So what would you like to do again without pain? Play tennis or golf? Dance? Enjoy a hobby? Get back to living your life?

To learn more how we can help you discover the benefits of Neurac Treatment training for athletic performance and injury treatment call Hayashida and Associates Physical Therapy or visit us at

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