Monday, May 21, 2012

Hayashida's Commitment to the Community

Hayashida is committed to providing the Bishop Garcia Diego High School community with a high level of physical therapy care and screening for potential orthopedic injuries. We recently had one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers present at spring physicals assisting team physicians in screening for orthopedic injuries. The turnout was very successful and we were able to help screen over 125 students for orthopedic injuries and movement dysfunctions. Screening is an integral part of preventing serious season ending injuries. It allows medical personnel to identify movement dysfunctions before injuries occur. This provides the opportunity to communicate with parents and athletes regarding appropriate stretching and strengthening programs to help them perform at their highest level. Hayashida and Associates Physical Therapy is honored to be the exclusive provider of physical therapy and athletic training services to the coaches, parents and athletes of the Bishop community. We look forward to being more involved with school athletic events in the near future.

Written By: Ted Carter, PT, DPT

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