Friday, April 13, 2012

A Time for Change: Stage 3 – Preparation

At this point on our journey to change you are most likely committed to making an alteration in your lifestyle.  You have thought about the changes that need to take place and you may already be taking the correct steps to decrease your pain, move better, and live healthier.  Preparation, the next step for complete change is a very important one.  You have the best chance of success if you take your time in this stage and develop a comprehensive plan.  People in this stage often have big motivators for change; your pain has either gotten out of control or you have consistently become more unhealthy to the point that you notice seemingly easy daily tasks have become more difficult. 

Here are the steps you need to take in order to move on to the second-to-last stage; Action.

Set a Date! – Grab your calendar and pick a date to start your change.  When you look at your calendar make it look like any other important engagement you may have; something that you cannot miss.  Prepare for this day so when it comes you are ready to take action.  If you plan on starting a fitness class, make sure you have all the contact information of that fitness class.  If you plan on changing your diet, make sure to have the correct foods in your home to start the change.

Advertise Your Plan – It is now time to tell your friends, co-workers, and family what change you intend to make.  This will not only hold you to your change but will also provide you with support if you need it.  When you successfully make changes you will have a team to cheer you on.  If you begin to slip your team will be the healthy support you need to get going again.

In our next installment you will have the keys to actually make the change and then we will give you tips and tricks on how to maintain the change in your life.

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