Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Am I Supposed to Workout When I Am So Busy?

Everyone seems to get all excited about getting their beach bodies in prime condition once the warm weather of the spring rolls around.  But during the fall and winter time many people complain that they do not have enough time between work, school, fall cleaning, holidays, along with many other daily activities.  I know it is difficult as even I am constantly battling getting to the gym or doing a short run after work.  We are often tired, can think of a million things we need to do around the house and most of all we would like to just relax.  Below are a couple ideas to get you motivated, if your physical and mental health as well as weight control are not big enough motivators.

WORKOUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE – This is a great way to keep on track.  In the digital age you can even set up workout plans with your friends or family across the country with Facebook or E-mail.  In this fashion you can post your daily workouts, goals, and progress towards those goals.  If you do not post your workouts or do not meet your goals, everyone will see.  This is a great motivator.  Of course you can also go the conventional way and join group fitness classes such as the ones at Hayashida and Associates where everyone will know when you are missing.

PUT YOUR WORKOUTS ON YOUR CALENDAR – Often if you schedule it on your calendar you will see it and this can motivate you to follow through.  This will also make sure that you do not schedule other activities during this time.  Most calendars on computers or phones nowadays will pop up reminders which will jog your memory (no pun intended) that you need to get working out.

FIND A FORM OF EXERCISE THAT YOU ENJOY – This might be the most important aspect of this whole blog entry.  If you choose to run because it is the easiest thing to do and the most accessible but you hate every moment of it, you are less likely to do that activity.  If you enjoy watching TV or listening to a podcast make sure to incorporate that into your fitness routine.

For those of you who dread your workout each day hopefully these simple ideas make you look forward to your next workout so that you can stick to a schedule, meet your fitness and health goals, and maybe even catch up on your favorite TV show while you do it.  If you need a kick start, come to a FREE fitness class here at Hayashida and Associates Physical Therapy to see how fun exercise can be.


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