Monday, November 23, 2009

Need a Cure for Exercise Boredom?

Does your workout routine need a change?
Many of us repeat the same exercise routine day after day, week after week and month after month. We forget that there are so many different exercise options available to us these days. In fact, the American Council on Exercise encourages us to switch up our workout routines for two main reasons: 1)It eliminates the boredom of doing the same workout everyday and 2)It prevents yourself from reaching a plateau with your workout performance, which will effect your results.1 The body's physiological system adapts to a workout routine after six to eight weeks and once that happens the body is not getting the same physical challenge.1

With that said, if you are in need of a new workout to spice up your routine, we would like to invite you to test ours for FREE. What better time to change your workout routine than during the Holiday Season. By January 1, all of us will be wanting to work off the extra pounds that surfaced after the 3rd helping of Grandma's stuffing, the second piece of pumpkin pie or the fifth cup of egg nog. Set up a free 30 minute pilates and/or personal training session or reserve your free spot in a our group fitness class today.

What are the Group Class Offerings?
The Strength and Conditioning Class targets different muscle groups to strengthen the body’s core and improve functional movements which can also help with injury prevention. The class can be tailored to each person’s fitness level. The spots in the class are limited so please email Trainer Anthony Sanchez, CSCS to reserve your free spot today.
Dates and Times of class Vary
The Pilates Mat Class incorporates the fundamental movements and principles of the Pilates Method. Mat work is adaptable to any fitness level with a focus on strength and stabilization. Spots are limites so please email Pilates instructor Erin to reserve your free spot today.
Wednesdays at 12noon.

Interested in the solo training or pilates sessions?
The Personal Training with Anthony is a dynamic workout that can be created to target sport specific muscle groups, designed for weight loss, toning or general fitness.
Pilates is an anaerobic exercise that targets the body’s core postural muscles which are essential to providing support for the spine. Erin is a certified pilates instructor and will use both mat and reformer techniques to customize your workout so you can reach your individual goals.

Don't wait too long to take advantage of this offer! It is for a limited time only.

1.Bryant, Cedric X. ACE Fitness Matters. November/December 2004.

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